Is it time to Get Your Act Together?


Ty Jeffries can to help you on your personal creative journey. Ty has over 30 years experience in the world of cabaret, songwriting and live performance. He has spent a lifetime in show business and grew up in both Hollywood and Pinewood while his father, actor and director Lionel Jeffries, was making movies. He has performed his own work to countless sold-out houses, attracting a multitude of rave reviews and won several awards. He has overcome debilitating mental health problems and, 10 years ago, said goodbye to stagefright forever.


Ty gives one-on-one intuitive guidance to help you along your path as an artist, no matter what your field or medium. Through a series of bespoke sessions, he will help you to: brainstorm your creative ideas; refine your material; explore the causes of, and overcome, nerves and performance anxieties; create a plan to support you in making things happen. In short, Ty will help you to be your creative best.

Please contact Ty on 07875865538.

See more about Ty's internationally celebrated work as Miss Hope Springs here 


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